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What is the level of engagement or consultation you require? Choose the solution that best suits your needs and your budget.

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Collect evidence, run surveys, manage a discussion or host a focus group. Support your decisions with fresh insight.

From £200
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Use a Together consultation portal and consult your customers, service users or communities over issues that really matter.

From £2,500 per annum
or £230 per month
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Use a Together engagement platform and engage your customers, service users or communities in decisions that really matter.

From £5,000 per annum
or £460 per month
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Take your customers, service users and communities on the journey with you and involve them, inspire them and build passion.

Discuss options
  • Workspace

    Workspace is central to the PMNet offer and is a unique digital space that is created for every client.

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  • Consultations

    Display consultations on-line
    Feedback results on-line
    Display and run all linked activities
    Build searchable libraries

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  • Surveys

    Create surveys easily and quickly
    Unlimited users and usage
    Run surveys on multiple channels
    Copy and clone from question bank

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  • Polls

    Create polls easily and quickly
    Display for maximum impact
    Hide or display on-going poll results
    Automate start and finish of poll

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  • Discussions

    Set up a discussion
    Option of moderated or open
    View transcripts in real-time
    Share with partners

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  • Focus groups

    Set up a focus group on-line
    Moderate and facilitate
    View and manage on-line
    Share with partners

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  • Panel management

    Register people onto a panel
    Target panellists by profile
    Provide personal space
    Recognise participation

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  • Events

    Plan and publish events
    Display location of events
    Alert and notify people
    Link to registration

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  • Analysis

    Use real-time analysis tools
    Manage quotas and samples
    Export data in a variety of formats
    Share results in real-time

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  • Reports

    Personalise your reports
    Create your own dashboards
    Create report templates
    Fast and effective dissemination

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  • E-Petitions

    Allow public to create petitions
    Approve prior to publishing
    Manage signatures
    Publish feedback and decisions

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  • Project bank

    Create a searchable project bank
    Decide on your own search criteria
    Display detail of projects
    Facilitate greater collaboration

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  • Resource library

    Store documents and web links
    Store images and photos
    Advanced search facility
    Share resource with partners

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  • Shared projects

    View projects run by others
    Support collaborative working
    Clone and copy activities
    Save time and resource

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  • together solutions

    Also included

    Free conversions
    Support and training
    Total security

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Display the results of consultations carried out and feature all the activities linked to current consultations.

Choose the layout and the style to complement the website(s) off which you intend to run the consultations.

  • Searchable list of planned, current and completed consultations
  • Display timeline/calendar view of consultations
  • Display consultation details along with documents and reports
  • Set automated 'take part' links to activities, surveys and discussions
  • Create and send automated alerts when projects go live
  • Feature consultations in scrolling banner for special attention
  • Display and run polls to generate interest and build traffic
  • Connect to twitter, facebook and other social media activity
  • List up-and-coming events and connect to a registration process
  • Own brand a consultation or jointly brand with partners
Public consultation style
Get involved style
Your voice style
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A comprehensive survey tool that provides full functionality to build questionnaires of any length and complexity.

  • Create, run and manage surveys
  • Enhance the respondent experience by utilising images and sliders
  • Preview the questionnaire as its being created
  • Route respondents through questionnaire with clear rules and skips
  • Save, search and re-use popular questions
  • Save, clone, amend and re-use popular surveys
  • Print and copy for use through all channels not just on-line
  • Create your questions in multiple languages
  • Check and approve the survey before it goes live
  • Collect survey responses anonymously or run with a registered panel
  • Analyse the results in real time and share with others
  • Easy to follow help and guidance throughout
Multi language
Question type examples
Responsive mobile friendly
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View research results in real-time, manage response levels and share findings with others.

  • Analyse survey data in real time
  • View responses achieved and manage quotas and samples
  • Drill down into the data using filters
  • View verbatim comments and agree coding and analysis
  • Export data to multiple formats including excel and SPSS
  • Set access rights so others can view results in real-time
  • Create graphics in many styles and manage cross-tabulations
  • Link real-time analysis to on-line chat
Data in real time
Graphs in real time
Cross-tabs in real time
Reporting in real time
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Panel management

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Recruit people onto a panel and manage activities and engagements with members of the panel.

  • Register people onto a research panel or community of influence and collect demographics and interests
  • Engage with panellists according to their profile and/or interests
  • Track and monitor participation of panellists
  • Recognise participation and contribution with awards or community points
  • Recruit members to represent population of interest
  • Set up a dedicated area and space for panel members
  • Add or link to social media activity to maximise exposure
  • Alert panel members of live engagements and activities
  • Invite panel members to participate in surveys, focus groups and discussions
  • Password protected for panellists to manage their own profile and interests
Panel members area
Engage with panellists
Young persons panel page
Panel selection
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Inform people including members of any up and coming events, display details of the event and link to event registration

  • Record and manage events by topic, date and location
  • Allow others to post and share details of events
  • Approve events and show publically
  • Publicise events by uploading advertising material
  • View event location on map view
  • Receive attendance notifications
  • Link to registration
  • Alert attendees on dates
Event list
Event detail
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Set up and run a discussion or allow a conversation to develop giving people the opportunity to express and share their views.

  • Create and manage discussions and conversations
  • Run as either moderated or un-moderated
  • Set to receive an alert when an entry requires approval
  • Ability to like or recommend posts
  • Attach stimulus material such as polls, images, text, sound and video
  • View transcripts in real-time
  • Create blogs to run alongside the conversation or discussion
  • Allow members to leave comments against entries
  • Agree and set rules for participation
  • Share with partners
Online discussion
Online Discussion
Discussion reply
Discussion reply
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Focus groups

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Set up an interactive chat area and invite a select group of people to share their opinions and exchange their views.

  • Create and manage focus groups on-line
  • Invite people to attend via email, via social media or from a panel
  • Add stimulus material such as polls, images, text, sound and video
  • Determine the extent to which you wish to facilitate the group discussion and allow partners to contribute
  • Produce transcripts and analyse verbatim
  • Create and publish web ready reports
Focus group with transcript
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Create and support a facility for running petitions online and give a petition more exposure.

  • Give people the opportunity to record and promote petitions
  • Give decision makers the chance to see the strength of feeling about an issue
  • Approve a petition prior to it going live
  • Update the petitioner automatically of any changes to a petition
  • Allow petitions to be searched and accessed
  • Ability to sign live petitions easily
  • Allow unlimited number of signatures
  • Confirm and verify signatures by email
  • Record outcome of the petition and display on site
  • File petitions by topic, date and petitioner
Sign petition
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Create exciting and engaging polls, display on the website(s) of your choice and share results with partners.

  • Create, run and manage polls
  • Enhance the viewer experience by utilising images and graphics
  • Preview the poll as it is being created
  • Save, search and re-use popular polls
  • Share polls and clone polls used by others
  • Run polls with partners
  • Create the poll in multiple languages
  • Check and approve the poll before it goes live
  • Show the results of the poll in real time or hide till end date
  • Display the number of days left for a poll to run
Poll results
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Gather fresh insight

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...flexible and adaptable

The flexibility and adaptability of PMNet’s Together solutions allows you to choose the extent of involvement you have in the full process.

Do you want to manage the activity yourselves or would you prefer the work to be carried out by PMNet’s own research and insight team.

In either case, the project will be set up in PMNet’s unique Community Workspace and access will be given to as many of the Together research, consultation and engagement tools as required.

So, you choose...

DIY or Together with Us

Now, select your methodology

It may be that you’re unsure as to the best tools to use to achieve the desired outcome. Is it data you’re after? Or would softer more qualitative information be more useful? Perhaps it’s a mix.

Take a look at what’s on offer...

Online Discussion
Focus groups

And think ahead ....

How quickly do you need access to the findings?

How do you need to disseminate the results?

Do you require full reports and stats for some people and top-line for others?

Again, the choice is yours...

Graphs & cross-tabs
Full data
Story boards
Time series

Need help deciding which is best for you.

Project bank

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Create and maintain a bank of current, planned and completed projects searchable by topic, target audience and geography.

  • Create a bank of current, planned and past projects
  • Ensure full use is made of all available evidence, intelligence and insight
  • Set criteria for searching and grouping projects by topic, audience and geography
  • Display details of all projects including project contact
  • View the entire content of the bank or search for particular projects using search criteria or key words
  • Share with others your interest in starting a new project
  • Share with others the evidence and insight you gather from projects
  • Re-employ projects or copy content into new projects
Searchable bank
Request evidence
Share evidence
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Resource library

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File all documents, web links, images and information you may wish to use in support of new projects, activities, consultations and engagements.

  • Store all your resource in one easily accessible location
  • Build a library of documents, web links, images and media files
  • Store documents such as engagement strategies, guidance on successful engagement, tool kits, etc
  • View, retrieve and download resource
  • Ensure full use is made of all available resource
  • Filter by topic, organisation/geography and date of publication or search by key word
  • Include documents in your engagement projects
  • Reference web links in your engagement projects
  • Choose to show resource as part of your engagement or consultation
  • Share resource with all partners and stakeholders
Searchable library
Types of resources
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Shared projects

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View projects that other organisations have agreed to share. Make contact and collaborate. Clone and copy activities and save time and resource.

  • Access a growing database of engagements that other Together Solutions users have agreed to share
  • Search through projects by key word
  • Copy the structure of the activity into your Workspace
  • Amend the activity to suit your own requirement
  • Save time and effort by re-using templates already created
  • No data is shared
Close and return


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Create stylish and engaging reports that deliver the results and the intelligence you need people to see and act upon.

  • Generate web reports for internal and external dissemination
  • Create interactive dashboards
  • Create templates for fast and effective dissemination of results
  • Use the functionality of workspace to set access levels
  • Re-use reporting structures held in the resource library
  • Access images and visual material retained in the library
  • Create benchmarks and produce longitudinal reports
  • Produce case by case reports
Story board report
Time stamped progress reporting
Close and return
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Communities of Passion Let’s grow yours together!

Community of passion

This solution is the ultimate in community engagement. It’s all about taking people (whether as customers or users of a service) on a journey with you and recognising them for their input and for the positive contribution they make to delivering social change and economic impact.

Within everyone is the natural desire and need to follow, and, for many, pursue those things they care about – at PMNet, we call these passions!

The passion could be a place where the person lives - a city, town, local neighbourhood or a country.

Alternatively, the passion could be an interest, hobby, job or profession or something the person aspires to belong to and be a part of.

What we do at PMNet is to create a digital space where people, collectively or as individuals, can take their passion to a new level.

It is all about making people feel involved, valued and special.

Communities of Passion grow out of people’s desire to connect and engage with others who have similar needs, concerns and interests.

At PMNet, we provide the tools that facilitate the natural desire to belong and because our reach is digital and secure, we connect, engage and inspire people quickly and appeal to those who would otherwise shy away from other channels and forms of engagement.

Community of passion

Community Passport is a personal space which people can make their own. With a passport, people can choose to get involved with their passion and participate in many different ways. People can view regular content and posts; sort and save this content by type or by passion; they can collect points (optional) for giving their views through polls and surveys, attend events or even join discussions.

Community passport

Community Workspace is there for people who are inspired and are serious about taking their passion to the next level. In this digital space they can work alone, or bring in others to share in building evidence, acquiring knowledge and developing plans. This is the ideal space for working on the business; working on the idea; working on the initiative.

Community workspace

Let us also introduce to a form of gamification called Passion Points which is used by many of our FreeTimePays Communities to recognise people for their contribution and the difference they collectively or individually make.

Gamification is one way in which people can be recognised for what they contribute. It is flexable and adaptable and we will be happy to discuss this with you.


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A secure access-rights environment for managing and recording every aspect of the work from start to finish.

  • You decide who has access
  • You decide what people see
  • View alone or collaborate – it’s your choice
  • Chat in a confidential and private space
  • Check and monitor progress at any stage
Welcome and search projects
Project listing
Workspace project
Close and return

The Together user experience

.... You decide what the user sees

What the user sees, how the interface functions and how the user responds is critical to any form of engagement, whether a one-off survey or on-going engagement within a community of influence.

Let us show you a selection of the methods used by our clients to ensure their customers, service users and communities are highly engaged and involved.

  • Flexible styling

    Flexible styling

    Choose a style of engagement that fits neatly with your own brand and on-line activity.

    See more
  • My Voice brand

    My Voice brand

    Use Together’s unique My Voice brand and style to suit your market and your audience

    See more
  • Together On-the-Go

    Together On-the-Go

    On mobile, On tablet – Together Solutions can work equally well on any device.

    See more
  • Community passport

    Community passport

    Show your customers and stakeholders just how important they are by giving them their own dedicated space.

    See more
  • Community points

    Community points

    Recognition is an essential component of engagement so appreciate what your customers and stakeholders put in

    See more
  • Bespoke reports

    Bespoke reports

    Make the impact you require with reports that tell a story and deliver a message

    See more
  • Single sign-on

    Single sign-on

    Make things convenient for your customers and stakeholders with one shared sign in

  • Security and data protection

    Security and data protection

    All the hosting of Together portals and platforms is within the UK and data is fully protected

  • Collaborations


    Support effective collaborations by bringing all stakeholders together in a true co-production environment

  • Social media

    Social media

    Together Solutions naturally work alongside all social media activity to optimise the reach of your engagements

  • Multi-lingual


    Give your customers a choice of language when taking part in an engagement or activity

  • Help and Guidance

    Help and guidance

    Available throughout the Together suite to guide you through the process of creating your engagement

Flexible styling

Close and return

Together solutions can be styled to integrate with any existing brand or can run as an independent engagement platform with its own unique brand.

  • Style and run as a page within your website
  • Style and run as a linked engagement site
  • Set up separate pages for your partners
  • One central workspace for all to share
Corporate brand
Partnership brand
Community brand
Together brand
Close and return

My Voice brand

Close and return

Together’s unique brand My Voice is widely employed and will integrate well with any corporate or partner branding.

  • My Voice branding personalises the engagements
  • A My Voice brand says what it does
  • Can integrate well with your own corporate brand
Get involved
Your voice
Close and return

Together On-the-Go

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Together Solutions are designed to make the user experience enjoyable with accessibility always paramount.

  • Download activities such as surveys from Workspace on to a tablet for use off-line
  • Upload data from any location and clear tablet
  • No sensitive or confidential data held on tablet
  • Activities can be viewed on any device whatever the screen size
  • Use a mobile App for ease of access
Public facing
My Voice
Latest news
Tablet Survey
Offline Tablet
Young persons panel page
Story Board Report
Close and return

Community passport

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It is important for people to feel that they "belong" and that their views and input really will make a difference.

  • Give people their own personal space
  • Direct activities according to the passions and interests people and communities share
  • Keep people informed on progress
Use links
Flexible style
Close and return

Community points

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A community points initiative recognises the contributions and difference people make within their communities

  • Show your appreciation for people’s time
  • Employ a flexible rewards system
  • Run prize draws and raffles
  • Open up sponsorship opportunities
  • Provide the incentive for people to get involved and participate
  • Gamification
Points Earned
Points Earned
Points Earned
Points Earned
Close and return

Bespoke reporting

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Outcome-focussed engagements rely on messages being delivered with clarity and impact

  • Use visuals and imagery that communicates a message
  • Feedback results to those that have engaged
  • Communicate effectively with all stakeholders
  • Facilitate follow ups
Story Board Report
Time stamped progress reporting
Story Board Report
Time stamped progress reporting
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Why us?

What is it that makes the PMNet team and solutions different to other providers.

Let us help make up your mind


See what it is about the team that makes us stand out

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Business reasons

Take a look at the reasons for using People Matters Network solutions

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Take a look at what clients have to say about their solution

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“Together, we make the difference”

The business case for a Together solution

Together solutions promote a culture of collaborative working. They are efficient and cost-effective.

By engaging stakeholders, customers and service users, we ensure people have a major influence over decisions that affect them personally.

Why choose Together?

Together Solutions promote collaborative working

Advanced notice of engagements planned or being considered will enable people to form collaboration, share resource and reduce costs.

Together Solutions will save you time

With a focus on project management, a Together Solution will ensure you and others work efficiently on the completion of any project.

Together Solutions can help generate revenue

The access rights collaborative environment gives you the ability to explore revenue generating sponsorship and partnership deals.

Together Solutions are outcome focussed

Any activity or engagement should have a desired outcome against which to measure the impact.

Together Solutions measure impact

The impact of the engagement or activity is measurable with timely alerts so that all projects are evaluated.

Together Solutions promote a culture of ‘togetherness’

The emphasis is on doing things together and sharing in the rewards and benefits that are derived.

Together Solutions recognise involvement

People who engage and get involved are recognised for their time and support.

Together Solutions avoid duplication

Regular alerts and communication helps ensure that everyone is aware of the engagements that are live and those that are proposed.

Together Solutions are multi-channel

Creating and running engagements through multiple channels not only saves on cost but will deliver higher response rates and reach audiences from whom it may be hard to gather opinions.

Together Solutions are safe and secure

Engagements are created in an access rights environment. People only see what they are allowed to see and information is secure and safe. You are in control.

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The Together Team

...dedicated and professional

The Together team is made up of software developers, community architects and social researchers.

Between them they have a wealth of experience of developing and designing platforms, portals and solutions that effectively engage people, deliver to specification and achieve the desired outcomes.

Fundamental to the work of the team is an understanding of just how important it is to ensure that what is delivered is right for the audience.

The solution put into practice for you and your organisation will be the result of collective input from those that really make the difference to the success of your engagement.

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Together Clients

There are now well over 1,000 people using a Together solution and users cut across all sectors.

Here’s what a selection of people have to say about their solutions and the service provided by the Together team.

Aberdeenshire logo Sam McNeil, who led the project for My Voice at Aberdeenshire Council, says of their platform:

"The project has been a positive experience and very much a collective effort. With the support of developers at People Matters Network we have been able to integrate the ideas and designs from service users and practitioners to ensure we have a system that is both flexible and adaptable to meet the evolving requirements of Children’s Services in Aberdeenshire. This has resulted in a positive user experience for gathering the views of children and young people receiving a service." View more

Croydon logo Katie Edland who co-ordinator of the ‘Get Involved’ engagement system at Croydon Council says:

"This new engagement platform will fundamentally change the way that local people will be able to participate in public consultation and other engagements enabling us to reach even more residents and businesses." View more

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Connect with us

  • Arrange an on-line tour or SHOW & TELL demonstration
  • Request a visit from the team
  • Discuss your requirements and needs
  • Obtain a quote

If you would like further information about any of the Together Solutions suite please complete the email form below. We will be happy to conduct a full demonstration either online or visit you on-site.

Our address

People Matters Network Ltd
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Birmingham, B16 8SN
P: +44(0)121 410 5520